I think that going to America is very exiting.ย  But there is one thing i’m woried about, the words they use.

Though they talk the same, though they have an accent, they have different words.

I wouldn’t want to change the words I say but I will have to say the things they say, they don’t say lollies, they say candy.ย  they don’t say tap they say something else which I can say but can’t spell, very hard to do.

I think I can cope with the homework every day that we are going to have, I don’t think my brother and I are going to cope!

Do you think you could copeif you had to do that every day?

Do you think you could do it so you can play afterwards?

I don’t think I will.


6 thoughts on “America!

  1. Hi Bethany,
    Loved reading yuour blog just now. It is so much fun that I am logging on a couple of times a day!!

    We are going to leave in an hour to come and see you. Have a great day at school – and don’t melt.

    As for you coping with the words and homework, you will find it a breeze. Most of the words you know now because you hear them on TV, and you will have fun learning them. (A tap is a faucet.) Besides, how much fun will it be teaching your American friends our words?! I teach my Japanese students lots of words and phrases we use and they love it. Teach them how to say, “Goodonya, mate!”

    See ya!

    Nanna Anne

  2. Hey Bethany,

    I know you are super clever, and homework and new words wont be a problem for you. And no matter what, all the American’s will love you because you are SUCH a wonderful person.

    As we learn some of the new words, we can laugh and keep a track of what they are for your blog. I know this adventure will be a LOT of fun. As for homework, get it done super quick, and then you can go out to play. Too easy!

  3. Dear Bethany,

    Wow you have been busy! Look at all your posts!

    I lived in America (and I survived!!) for a few years when I was your age… so I can help translate if you like.
    tap= faucet
    lollies= candy
    They say ‘tomato’ differently to you.
    They also say ‘appreciate’ differently.
    Motorway = Freeway
    Car Park = Parking Lot
    Holiday = Vacation
    Garden= Back yard
    Runners = Sneakers
    and most importantly…. toilet= bathroom!

    You need to know what last one.

    As for the homework, you will cope just fine… you are a very clever girl and you will love being challenged. And bonus, you have an extremely smart teacher mum!

    Can’t wait to track your movements here!
    Mrs Murphy

    • Hi Mrs Murphy, ๐Ÿ™‚
      I thought that there was more words changed.
      I just didn’t know them.
      Thanks for telling me! ๐Ÿ™‚
      Is there any other words you know?
      From Bethany. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Hi Bethany

    I think it will be fabulous adventure to find out all the ways that you are the same and that you are different. That’s what makes the world so special. Try not to worry. Once you get there and get to know how things are you will have no trouble at all ๐Ÿ™‚

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