Own House

Imagin if you could make your own house.

How would you make it?

What would you put in it?

How would you know if it was the right type?

I think I would like to make my own house.

Don’t you?

10 thoughts on “Own House

  1. if i could build my own house i would have a garden and in it i would have lots of roses and a pond with a brige and gold fish in it and a two story house and it i would have
    a big cinama

  2. Hi Beth

    Your blog is going good and i hope it will always be that way.

    I hope that house comes the way you want it.

    I would like to make my own house and i would have a slide that gose to every room with water running down it and on hot days more water comes out of it and on cold days hot steam comes out and it changes the coler every min and have people to do everything and nice dressers and have people to clean up my room and have a three story house or more and i would have a huge pool and so cool with sparkles on the the pool and a spea and more.

    I would make it like a castle with the rooms will be big and get my own room with beds that are castle beds and the house would be shiny.

    I would know if it is the right type for me because its fun and i mean realy funnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!

    what would you do?

    From Jessica

    • Hey Nathaniel,

      Cares isn’t carse, its cares. If you are going to pick on someone elses spelling, make sure you get it all correct yourself.:) And you are a very important person, as everyone is, so you are capital I not “i” I love that you have finally figured out your blogging. Keep up the great work.

  3. Hey Bethany,

    Good question! I have thought about my perfect house a lot over the years. It has to have a window over the kitchen sink and a LONG bath so I can fit in it! A big pantry and room to cook in the kitchen are also important because I LOVE cooking for my fabulous children.

    I would NOT like to build it myself because it is SO much work. Just ask any of your grandparents.

    Keep up the great blogging!

  4. Dear Bethany,

    What a great blog post! I too, like Mrs B have thought about my perfect house for a long time.

    It would definitely have a MASSIVE window in the kitchen that overlooks the back garden. I spend so much time cooking, that I would like to be outside. I would also like to have a deck on the top of the house to look at the stars. I like lots of wood and I despise carpet (because I hate hoovering!!). Other than that, a home is made with the people in it, so I would love to have LOTS of bedrooms and space so as many people as I ever want could come and stay and visit.

    What do you think your new house will look like in America?
    Mrs Murphy

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