Thinking time!

If you where a person in charge of a company, what would you be in charge of?

Think of how you’d do it, and how you would like it.

 Think of the people that work for you.

Think about the whole company and if you didn’t do the right thing to help your workers, you’d slip on the wrong track!

I think I would pay the workers what they earned, which probably be around ten dollars an hour, but I don’t know!

It’s your choice to decide on this very thing that I have talked about.

They might say, “I’m not getting enough as I’m working for!” 

Or they might say,  “I’ll quit if you don’t pay me more!”

It’s your chance to think, think now for when you grow up.

This’ll be a good start.

5 thoughts on “Thinking time!

    • Hi Sam,
      I think that they should do that if that happend to but I just want to hear other peoples thoughts.
      What do you think would be better, working for someone or being incharge?
      From Bethany. 🙂

  1. Hey Bethany,

    I am in charge of a company. On paperwork we fill in, I write that I am a Domestic Resources Coordinator! The pay is not so good (I work for LESS than $10 an hour) but the people I work for are my 3 favourite people in the world.

    Can you guess who they are??? 🙂

  2. Hi Bethany,
    It is a while since I have worked for money, but I do know that each job has different rates of pay. I now do so much volunteer work and I am happy to work just for the knowledge I have done a good job and people are happy with my help.

    Catch you at home.


    Nanna Anne

  3. Hi Bethany

    Being in charge is a lot of responsibility. Sometimes it is nice to have other people who are in charge as well so you can make better decisions together. Many people working together helping each other is a good feeling. I like working with people and in the job I do I help my staff to do things that help young people. It is good to feel like you are being helpful.

    As for being paid, some young people when they start working get paid $10 per hour or a little more. As their skills increase and they get older they can earn more money. That is why it is really important to stay in school and keep learning and building your skills over your lifetime. Its even important for grown ups to keep learning new skills.

    Keep on blogging. You are doing a great job 🙂

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