My American house!

I have now seen my American house but without the furniture.

It has 4 floors, I’ll name them all – the Basement, the Living area, the sleeping level and the Attic.  It’s also got a main staircase and a Butler staircase, it will be good but hard to find people in hide and seek.

It has not been over Zero degrees since we’ve been here.  Dad and I made a little (crooked) snow man and this morning I looked out the window to see it and it’s head had fallen off in the night.  We’ll fix him up later, but we made him near dinner last night and it was hard to make him because the snow was like cold sand.  After our attempt to make a snow man, I threw a snow ball at Dad and then we started a snow ball fight.

If you could go anywhere in the world with snow, where would you go?

What do you like to do when you go to the snow?

6 thoughts on “My American house!

  1. Hi Bethany,

    I have never made a snowman, though I have made lots of sandcastles. It sounds trickier than I thought it would be to build a snowman that lasts. What did you use for his eyes and mouth and nose? Did you put a hat on him? Or was it a ‘her?’

    If I could go anywhere in the world with snow, besides where you are of course, it would be the South Pole. The only thing is that I wouldn’t like the freezing temperatures all the time, especially when it blows with howling winds.

    Are you managing to keep warm? I think you may have had to buy gloves with fingers in them.

    Well, it’s January 1st here. I watched the fireworks again – from my bed! There were two lots, one for the kids at 9.30 pm and the next lot on midnight. They were pretty spectacular. I wonder if you will see fireworks for your New Year?

    Keep warm and cosy. When does school start?

    Love you. Nanna Anne

  2. Hi Bethany,
    Great to see you posting in America! I still miss you and you’re family a lot, you probably miss us too!
    WOW! You have a lot of floors in your house! It sounds like the ideal place to play hide and seek.
    The weather there sounds really cold, not a really good ideal to were the clothes you were back in Lonnie! A snow ball fight and a snow man is a much, MUCH better idea.
    You seem like a pro with thoughs postes, here’s some tips:
    If you want a link( URL) you go to the website and copy the URL on the top. Then when you’re drafting a post, paste the URL onto the post. After that you copy it again and paste it on a button that when you hover over it says link or something like that. Press it and paste the URL and press OK.
    Have you started school, do you like your house, do you have any pets and have you had a snow ball fight with Nathaniel yet?
    From your friend that’s missing you a lot,
    Josie. 😉

  3. Wow – your American house sounds amazing Bethany! It sounds like you and your dad had fun making the snowman. If I could go anywhere in the world with snow, I would go to Italy because then I could eat lots of pizza and pasta at the same time. When I go to the snow (which isn’t very often, mind you) I like to sit inside by a very warm fire and watch people through the window getting cold!! Lots of love to you and the family, Leah xxxx

  4. Hi Bethany
    The house sounds great! All those levels and staircases! You are correct – it will not be easy to find each other.

    I have not been to any other places in the word where these is snow except where you went the year before last. That is such a beautiful place and I use to love going there. If I went to the snow I would llike to go down hill skiing but it is now not a good idea because of my hip replacement. The best thing about being in snowing weather is that you can wear lots of warm clothing.

    What do you do during recess when it’s snowing or there is snow on the ground? Are you able to play any of your usual games in the snow?

    Looking forward to reading your blogs
    Nanna Erin

  5. Hi Bethany Jaz Here
    I am very very sad that you left i am in the ACT now i have a house but i have not moved in yet but i move in tomorrow i am guessing that you have moved into your house now.
    America sounds so fun. Have you heard about all the fires in australia but we are fine i am close to the fires but im fine. there has been 200 fires in NSW and ACT there are 20 in ACT and 180 in NSW. It is very scarey to think that there could be a fire anywhere near you.
    How Have you been?
    Is there anything that you dont like about America?
    What is your favourite thing about America?
    Gotta Go Your Friend Jaz

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