Squirrel attack!

I’ve been seeing squirrels everywhere I go.  It’s like I see a squirel there and there and just around another corner. To me it kind of seems like squirrels are invading America because I see so many of them.

This is not a real picture.  But I think it is very funny.




You can’t pat squirrels over here.  They have diseases (like rabbies) which can make you very sick.  I don’t think a squirrel would like to be patted anyway.  They run away when you come near them.

5 thoughts on “Squirrel attack!

  1. Hi Bethany,
    I have been waiting for your next entry! I LOVED squirrels when I was in America. They are sort of like our rabbits in Australia, there are so many of them. I found it hard to take a photo of them because they run so fast and disappear almost before your eyes. Do you feed them?

    In the picture I saw from Google Earth, I think I remember lots of trees around your place. Is that right? Your garden will look so much different in spring and summer!

    It’s good to hear you are enjoying school. I think you were going on the bus this week. Is that right? That must be strange after seeing the yellow buses in pictures and now riding on one. I used to go to Secondary School on a bus every day. I had to ride to a main road (about 3 km), leave my bike in a shelter (no one stole things in those days), hop in the bus by 8.15 a.m., then come out of town on the bus at about 4.00 p.m. It meant I didn’t get home until about 4.45. It was a long day and I never felt like riding home after being at school all day! Unless their was a tail wind! Then it was fun.

    Grandpa is going fishing again this afternoon in his boat. He doesn’t catch many that are big enough to keep, but it keeps him out of mischief.

    I am sure Mum has told you it is HOT here. There have been lots of bushfires in Victoria and Tasmania. I bet that is hard to believe when you are in snow now. The world sure is an amazing place.

    Keep up your blogs. They are very interesting.


    Nanna Anne

  2. Hey Bethany,
    Maybe the squriles are not squrils maybe they are a race of intelligent life forms coming to destroy earth!
    Nah just kidding
    Seeya Robbie

  3. Hi Bethany,

    I saw lots of squirrels when I lived in England many years ago. I thought they were very cute but those ones never let me pat them either. I wanted to though!

    I hope all is going well for you all over there. Have you moved in to your new house yet? Say hi to your mum, dad and Nathaniel for us!

    Lots of love,

  4. Hi Beth,
    Still missing you and Nathaniel
    Squirrels sound amazing! I’ve always want to see a squirrel, and pat it a bit. Now you are in one of my dreams!
    It’s boiling hot down here, once it almost got to forty! It must be frosty cold over there since it’s summer here and winter there.
    It’s still the holidays down here, have you started school yet? If you want to check out what I’ve been doing please go on my blog and comment on one of the postes!
    If you’ve started school, have you made any friends yet and has Nathaneil learnt how to play American Football?
    From your friend, (that’s missing you heaps)
    Josie. 😀

    • Hi Josie, 🙂
      Thanks for your post!
      I’m missing you too, have you seen any of our freinds from school in the holidays?(Although I’m not in the school holidays, WWWAAA!). 🙁
      Yeah, I’d like to pat a squiral but did you read the part of the post about patting them and you get a disease? I don’t want to touch a squirrel if that would happen! 🙁
      It’s realy cold up here but I sometimes think it’s super warm and people think I’m crazy when I say it.
      Yes, we are in school and you gys are lucky because your not in school. 🙁 We have got freinds though so were not lonly! 🙂
      Nathaniel hasn’t learnt Grid Iron(That’s American Football.) and I haven’t got any thing to do ether. 🙁
      How is your school holidys? How are you and your family? 😐
      From your freind in America,
      Bethany! 🙂

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