Travling over.

Have you ever been to an over seas place and gone to school there?

I like being over here in America and going to school eavan though every night you get homework, mostly the homework is due just the next day and you have to do it so you don’t have to stay in at on of the two receses that we have.

If you did, was it weird or was it cool?

It feels weird and cool to me being here in America, even though I’ve been here for some days and I know where everything is I still get lost.

How did you feel on your way over?

On my way over I didn’t like it. I couldn’t get to sleep on the way over till the last minute of the flight and I missed breakfast because I was asleep!  I was super hungry once I woke up, I was glad to land and get food because I was starving!

This is a picture of an airplane but it’s not the one we rode.







3 thoughts on “Travling over.

  1. Hi Bethany
    This is a great blog.
    Nonno weet to school in Italy for 1 year when he was 11 years old. Although he could speak Italian he could not read or write it. So the school put him into a class with children who were 6 and 7. That was really weird and he did not like that at all. So he tried really hard and did lots of extra reading and writing and very soon he was able to go into a class with children his own age. I think he found that year at school very difficult.

    It sounds like your trip over to America was not very pleasant. It is terrible not feeling well especially when you are in a plane and cannot go anywhere. I hope that your second plane trip was more pleasant and you where able to enjoy it more.

    Bethany it will not be long before you are very used to your new surroundings and things will not seem so confusing and it will feel that you have been in America forever.

    Keep up your blogs – it’s so good to see your thoughs.

    Love you

    Nana Erin

  2. Dear Bethany,

    I love your description of knowing where everything is but still getting lost. I feel that way every time I go into Geelong. I have been to school in Ireland, America, and Australia and going to school in different countries is quite different.

    What is the best thing about your new school?
    And what is the worst thing?
    And please let us know Nathaniel’s as well.

    Mrs Murphy

    • Hi Mrs.Murphy,
      I think the best thing about my school is that we’ve got three teachers in every grade so we don’t have to squish in as many people into one classroom and we can catch up with them at recess time!
      The worst thing in school is that we have to have sepret playgrounds to grades prep,1,2,3 so I can’t play with my brother.
      Nathaniel’s best thing in school is passing his 12 times tables, but not only did he pass on those, he passed on the rest of them aswell. His teacher made the whole of his class do the times table and whoever passed all of them to their 12 passed and got a multiplacation licence. Sometime in the year (And I will tell you when) they get a bowl and a spoon full of ice-cream sunday only if they got their licence but if they didn’t get their licence by the day, all the would get is an empty bowl with a spoon.
      Nathaniel dosen’t have a worst thing in school.

      From Bethany. 🙂

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