Snow days!

It has snowed loads the time we’ve been here.  We’ve had 4 snow days.

Snow days are when you get a day off school because it snowed too much for the busses to get out of their park.






This is kind of what the snow looked like.

I had a lot of fun sledding when we had time to go to the sledding hill.

If you lived in the snow, would you go skiing or sledding? 


The school that I am in here in America is toataly diffirent to Point Lonsdale and I’ve heard that you have started school again.

How’s it going being back at school?

I hope it’s going well.  I hope all the teachers are having fun too.

Have you caught up with all your friends?

Have you met anyone new?

I hope you have because I have but I do miss you guys back in Austrailia.  I also met some old freinds before I came to Point Lonsdsale.  If there is anyone that is new, remember that it is a little bit scary to start in a new school.  Make sure you include them in games to make them feel welcome.