Snow days!

It has snowed loads the time we’ve been here.  We’ve had 4 snow days.

Snow days are when you get a day off school because it snowed too much for the busses to get out of their park.






This is kind of what the snow looked like.

I had a lot of fun sledding when we had time to go to the sledding hill.

If you lived in the snow, would you go skiing or sledding? 

2 thoughts on “Snow days!

  1. Hello Bethany
    How exciting with all that snow – it must be heavenly! and you also get days off school because of it.
    What a wonderful experience for you all. Daddy must be over the moon with all that snow.
    How often have you all gone skiing?
    Sledding sounds really cool fun – do you get tired having to walk back up the hill to sled back down? Maybe not because if it is great fun then you would just walk back up so that you could come back down – time and time again.
    You must be very fit to do that.

    If I lived in the snow (and I wish I could) then I would definitely go skiing. I absolutely loved skiing – it is the best sport.

    Thinking of you all and wishing I was there

    Lots of Love
    Nana Erin

  2. Heya Bethany! 😀
    I have not talked to you for a while.
    Snow days sound like fun! I would love a day off school… 😉
    To be honest, I woluld like to snowboard!
    How is it in America?
    From Sam, signing out.

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