Horse riding camp.

Last week I went to horse riding camp and I had a really fun week there.  I not only learnt how to ride western style, I did other things which I’ll get to in a moment.  The first thing we always did was feed the horses grain and hay, the next thing we did was muck out the stalls (which means “clean out the stalls”) and trust me, it stinks!  That was the last thing we did before we ate lunch.  After lunch, and for the rest of the day, we rode our horses.  The horses I rode was called Reba and Champ, and some of the other horses that I can remember where Auggie, Bella, Brownie, Penny, Copper, Gabbie, Daini, Tango, Leana, and the little one who is in training, Captain.  On the last day of horse riding camp we fed them, cleaned the stalls and got a break to do what ever you want except ride. I chose to catch frogs because I did it in the morning before we did anything with the horses and there was a pond.  I was trying to catch a frog when it bounced on a tiny water snake and startled it. The snake was cool.

Horse riding camp is one of heaps of camps you can do in America over the summer break.  My brother is going to do golf camp next week and you can do soccer camp, basketball camp, baseball camp, softball camp, art and craft camp and many more.









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