Horse riding camp.

Last week I went to horse riding camp and I had a really fun week there.  I not only learnt how to ride western style, I did other things which I’ll get to in a moment.  The first thing we always did was feed the horses grain and hay, the next thing we did was muck out the stalls (which means “clean out the stalls”) and trust me, it stinks!  That was the last thing we did before we ate lunch.  After lunch, and for the rest of the day, we rode our horses.  The horses I rode was called Reba and Champ, and some of the other horses that I can remember where Auggie, Bella, Brownie, Penny, Copper, Gabbie, Daini, Tango, Leana, and the little one who is in training, Captain.  On the last day of horse riding camp we fed them, cleaned the stalls and got a break to do what ever you want except ride. I chose to catch frogs because I did it in the morning before we did anything with the horses and there was a pond.  I was trying to catch a frog when it bounced on a tiny water snake and startled it. The snake was cool.

Horse riding camp is one of heaps of camps you can do in America over the summer break.  My brother is going to do golf camp next week and you can do soccer camp, basketball camp, baseball camp, softball camp, art and craft camp and many more.









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  1. Hi Bethany
    How exciting it must have been to go to a horse riding camp. What a wonderful time you had. It was good to do all those other jobs looking after the horses before you rode them. It just shows how much attention is required to look after horses. They are such beautiful animals.

    Did you suffer from a sore bottom or cramps in the legs after the first day? I am sure however that you would have slept very soundly after all that activity.

    How do you catch a frog? They are so quick I would have thought that they would jump away as soon as you came near to them. Did you get a fright when you saw the water snake? I certainly would have.

    I hope that your brother really enjoys the golf camp – you never know he one day maybe as good as Adam Scott.

    Keep enjoying your long break holiday and remember to do some chores for Mum & Dad.
    Love you
    Nana Erin

    • Hi Nana Erin,
      No I did not suffer from any cramps except for the last day when all we did was trotting when I was in the lead. 😉
      You catch a frog by looking for it first. Do you know what skinks are? They’re a type of lizard that is really fast. Since I can catch them I use the same technique which you have to be fast for both of them. I did get scared when I first saw it but once I knew what it was I wasn’t scared anymore. 🙂
      My brother did have a really good time at golf camp, and if he ever gets to go on my blog…then he might tell you. 😉
      From Bethany.

  2. Hi Beth,
    It’s great to her that you’re having fun in America! Horse riding camp sounds so much fun! I would love to do art and craft camp, baseball camp and if there is one, a swimming camp. At school we’re doing lots of workrelated to Queenscliff Maritime( ma-ri-time). Maritime means the sea, or in this case, Port Phillip Bay.
    Can you canter or\and gallop yet? Have you done any other camps?
    From Your friend( who still misses you!),
    Josie. 😉

    • Hi Josie,
      There is no such thing as swimming camp but there is swim squad that is open every day after the swimming pool closes.
      No, I cannot canter/gallop because it was in the next week camp and I could only do one week. 🙁
      I haven’t done any other camps but Nathaniel did golf camp and really liked it.
      From Bethany (who misses you to.)

  3. Hi Bethany,
    Loving your blog. Glad you enjoyed riding camp. I was a counsellor at a riding camp the summer before I went to university. Great fun, but I agree – mucking out is stinky!
    Sarah. 🙂

    • Hi Miss Sarah, 🙂
      We miss you a lot! 🙁 Mum hopes it’s not too hot in England even though it’s meant to be winter there. Glad to hear from you. How is Izzy doing? Are you all having fun? We hope you are! 😉
      From Bethany.

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