White Christmas.

It’s Christmas and the ground is white.  My family and I are about to go to the sledding hill.  Dragging our sleds behind us in the snow.  Once we get there, I thought, I’m going to go crazy!

It’s crazy cold here in America and we’ve already been sledding.  The reason it’s so cold here Is because it’s -14 degrees Celsius!  It’s rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaallllllllllllllllllllllllyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy COLD!

  You can’t possibly tell with this picture, can you.








And the icicles are dangling for dear life!

   They’re dangerous, but they don’t look like that.








I wouldn’t come here for the winter (Unless you’re crazy!) because it’s FREEZING!


When I’m allowed to stay up late and the sun is going down, little bugs come out and flash…..anyway this isn’t a story, it’s real!  Fireflies are also known as lightning bugs, but I don’t know if they have anymore names, you could probably look it up.

If you don’t know what fireflies look like you can see on the pictures below…..





All pictures from Google.

Today is Independence Day and at the lake there is going to be fireworks so I’m going to stay up late and catch fireflies!

Horse riding camp.

Last week I went to horse riding camp and I had a really fun week there.  I not only learnt how to ride western style, I did other things which I’ll get to in a moment.  The first thing we always did was feed the horses grain and hay, the next thing we did was muck out the stalls (which means “clean out the stalls”) and trust me, it stinks!  That was the last thing we did before we ate lunch.  After lunch, and for the rest of the day, we rode our horses.  The horses I rode was called Reba and Champ, and some of the other horses that I can remember where Auggie, Bella, Brownie, Penny, Copper, Gabbie, Daini, Tango, Leana, and the little one who is in training, Captain.  On the last day of horse riding camp we fed them, cleaned the stalls and got a break to do what ever you want except ride. I chose to catch frogs because I did it in the morning before we did anything with the horses and there was a pond.  I was trying to catch a frog when it bounced on a tiny water snake and startled it. The snake was cool.

Horse riding camp is one of heaps of camps you can do in America over the summer break.  My brother is going to do golf camp next week and you can do soccer camp, basketball camp, baseball camp, softball camp, art and craft camp and many more.









From Google image.





Time to run!

Have you ever done a 5K run?

I have done a 5K run here in America, it was called the Queen’s 5K Romp.

I don’t know how Mum got me into running the 5K.  I hope that everyone does well in the cross country!

We got a choice of wearing a tutu and a tiara or just wearing one of those or wearing none of the options. Mum and I wore tiaras for the run.  Mum and I can’t believe that I came 70th out of about 700 people, I think that is amazing!

I hope that all you Point Lonnie kids do well and stay fit and healthy!

Spring break!

I have done a whole term in America, how exiting!

I am now on spring break, spring break is a kind of holiday that is between term three and term four.

We are currently at colorado and Ive done skiing and ice skating, just a tip for ice skating, it’s hard to start off with but you get used to it.  Also start skating at the adge of the rink.

Do you like snowbording, skiing, or ice skating better?



We have started Kansas state testing (kind of like NAPLAN but EVERY YEAR!), and we’ve still got more to do.

I’m pretty happy about the how quick I get my tests done.

Do you have any handy tips for doing the testing?

I don’t like testing very much but I like to get it done with.







Some of the tips I’ve heard and sometimes use are to use the tools on the computer to help you, take your time and read each question PROPERLY!

Snow days!

It has snowed loads the time we’ve been here.  We’ve had 4 snow days.

Snow days are when you get a day off school because it snowed too much for the busses to get out of their park.






This is kind of what the snow looked like.

I had a lot of fun sledding when we had time to go to the sledding hill.

If you lived in the snow, would you go skiing or sledding? 


The school that I am in here in America is toataly diffirent to Point Lonsdale and I’ve heard that you have started school again.

How’s it going being back at school?

I hope it’s going well.  I hope all the teachers are having fun too.

Have you caught up with all your friends?

Have you met anyone new?

I hope you have because I have but I do miss you guys back in Austrailia.  I also met some old freinds before I came to Point Lonsdsale.  If there is anyone that is new, remember that it is a little bit scary to start in a new school.  Make sure you include them in games to make them feel welcome.

Travling over.

Have you ever been to an over seas place and gone to school there?

I like being over here in America and going to school eavan though every night you get homework, mostly the homework is due just the next day and you have to do it so you don’t have to stay in at on of the two receses that we have.

If you did, was it weird or was it cool?

It feels weird and cool to me being here in America, even though I’ve been here for some days and I know where everything is I still get lost.

How did you feel on your way over?

On my way over I didn’t like it. I couldn’t get to sleep on the way over till the last minute of the flight and I missed breakfast because I was asleep!  I was super hungry once I woke up, I was glad to land and get food because I was starving!

This is a picture of an airplane but it’s not the one we rode.







Squirrel attack!

I’ve been seeing squirrels everywhere I go.  It’s like I see a squirel there and there and just around another corner. To me it kind of seems like squirrels are invading America because I see so many of them.

This is not a real picture.  But I think it is very funny.




You can’t pat squirrels over here.  They have diseases (like rabbies) which can make you very sick.  I don’t think a squirrel would like to be patted anyway.  They run away when you come near them.