My American house!

I have now seen my American house but without the furniture.

It has 4 floors, I’ll name them all – the Basement, the Living area, the sleeping level and the Attic.  It’s also got a main staircase and a Butler staircase, it will be good but hard to find people in hide and seek.

It has not been over Zero degrees since we’ve been here.  Dad and I made a little (crooked) snow man and this morning I looked out the window to see it and it’s head had fallen off in the night.  We’ll fix him up later, but we made him near dinner last night and it was hard to make him because the snow was like cold sand.  After our attempt to make a snow man, I threw a snow ball at Dad and then we started a snow ball fight.

If you could go anywhere in the world with snow, where would you go?

What do you like to do when you go to the snow?

Lizzy and Bluey!

These two lizzards (Lizzy and Bluey) are the schools lizards, as some of you might know.

This picture is not one of them but it looks like one of them!





I reckon it looks like Lizzy!

Who does it look like? 

I like  to look after them!

Almost Christmas time!

I like this time of year with lots of Christmas cheer!

I hope that you all like the presents that you get from friends and family!

I hope you get most of the presents that you want.

What do you want for Christmas?

How many presents do you expect to get?

I don’t expect to get many because I’m moving.

Thinking time!

If you where a person in charge of a company, what would you be in charge of?

Think of how you’d do it, and how you would like it.

 Think of the people that work for you.

Think about the whole company and if you didn’t do the right thing to help your workers, you’d slip on the wrong track!

I think I would pay the workers what they earned, which probably be around ten dollars an hour, but I don’t know!

It’s your choice to decide on this very thing that I have talked about.

They might say, “I’m not getting enough as I’m working for!” 

Or they might say,  “I’ll quit if you don’t pay me more!”

It’s your chance to think, think now for when you grow up.

This’ll be a good start.


I think that going to America is very exiting.  But there is one thing i’m woried about, the words they use.

Though they talk the same, though they have an accent, they have different words.

I wouldn’t want to change the words I say but I will have to say the things they say, they don’t say lollies, they say candy.  they don’t say tap they say something else which I can say but can’t spell, very hard to do.

I think I can cope with the homework every day that we are going to have, I don’t think my brother and I are going to cope!

Do you think you could copeif you had to do that every day?

Do you think you could do it so you can play afterwards?

I don’t think I will.


Think of blogs!

Hey everyone, i’ve got a question for you.  If you had a blog, what would you name it and what would you put on it?

Long question, isn’t it?  I think so.

I love having a blog so if any of my freinds go away, I can still talk to them.  Do you think that would be cool because I do.

If I want to talk to someone around the other side of the world, I could talk to them.  Don’t you think that would be cool?  I do.

I have some some freinds in India and we can contact on blogs, we do and we contact on not only the blogs from this school but on other blogs from other parts of the world aswel.

I like to talk to them on the blogs and also sometimes on the phone, it’s pretty cool to talk to them every now and then.