We are here!!!!

We made it to America!  I like it here. I liked Point Lonsdale but I already feel like I’m at home.  Poor Daddy!  🙁  We left him in Australia with a middle ear infection.  We’ll see him Thursday in LA.  🙂

We went through a bumpy ride, which we later found out was the cyclone from Fiji.  It wasn’t good.

We are at a friends house in California instead of going straight to Kansas.  There are LOTS of billboards beside the roads in California.  It is strange driving on the wrong side of the road and there are lots more buildings too.

If you where in the army and going to America, where in America would you like to go?

If you where going to a theme park in America, where would you go?

Don’t you think it would be weird with all the buildings and LOADS more billboards, as well as the changed words?










5 thoughts on “We are here!!!!

  1. Hey, Bethany! Great to see you are there safely, despite the bumpy ride! Your Dad will be on the plane about now, I think, as he texted us he was right to fly. I hope he doesn’t find it as bumpy, although the hurricane is still out there somewhere a little bit, I guess.

    Yes, it IS strange driving on the wrong side of the road, isn’t it?! I was there for three weeks and I didn’t get used to it the WHOLE time. You will, though, because you will be there so much longer. Did you notice their road surface is often different to ours? Did they have cement sections so that the car wheels go ‘bump…bump…bump’ all the time? And what about their stop/go lights? Are they like ours or up high?

    See, you are using American language already! Billboards. In Australia we mostly call them roadside signs. Yes, there are heaps more than in Australia. Count the fast food ones you see. Do you agree with so many being allowed to be put up?

    You may find when you get to your new home that there are more places with space, like in Australia. I thought the houses looked quite different in style, too.

    Where would I go if I were sent to America? Hmm. First to where you are, of course, so I could be near you guys. But I would also like to go to Virginia because that is where one of my cousins lives.

    Challenge – learn all the states of America and we will have a race to write them all down!

    Love reading your blog. Keep it up.

  2. Dear Bethany,

    We are delighted to see that you have made it to America safely!! We miss you and are you missing your Point Lonsdale friends? When do you have to start school? We are finished in a day and a half.

    America does sound a bit different. We are all worried that there is no beach in Kansas. How far is the nearest beach to Kansas. Would you have to catch a plane to the beach? What is the time difference between Kansas and Point Lonsdale? How is the weather over there? Is it snowing?

    How long did it take you to get from Australia to America? It sounded very scary. Were you scared when the cyclone was making the plane bumpy? Did you know there was a cyclone at the time?

    How is Nathaniel? Is he missing his cricket team and his friends? Will Nathaniel learn to play different sports like baseball? grid iron/American football? Do you think you will get to see an NBA game?

    We will miss you very much. We wish you were back here in Australia. We have appreciated you being our friends in Grade 3/4. America is lucky to have you!
    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
    From Grade 3/4 PLPS

    • To Mrs.Murphy and 3/4, 🙂
      Yes, we are missing you a lot although there are lots of things to keep us busy in America.
      We start school on the 2nd of January. (My birthday will be in school time.). 🙁 Very sad, birthday in WINTER!! I guess it’s just different.
      Kansas is smack bang in the middle of America so it is a long way to any of the coasts. The beach in California was nice when we were there. California is about 4 hours away in a plane. When we were in Point Lonsdale, we weren’t in the middle of Australia. It also SNOWS here in Kansas and it doesn’t down in Point Lonsdale!
      Well, it had already had snowed when we got here and it’s REALLY cold. The temperature is about 32 degrees Fahrenheit which is about 0 degrees Celsius where you are. I hope it snows on my Birthday. (That’s the only part I like about my Birthday being in Winter!).
      Well it took a long time to get here – 14 hours from Melbourne to LA. The only thing I know is that it was a terrible ride!
      I was scared in the turbulance and the only thing I had to worry about then was my motion sickness, trying to get it into the sickbag! It was TERRIBLE! No, we didn’t know it was a cyclone until we landed. Mum and Nathaniel had to swap seats so Mum could look after me.
      Nathaniel is good, I mean great, I really mean FANTASTIC and EXCITED! We think we might be going to a NBA game but that’s the ADULTS decision. Nathaniel would like to play Baseball, Basketball and grid iron. I would like to try dancing and track (that’s like little Aths).
      It’s Christmas today and Nathaniel and I have been playing with the toys we got. We are going out to lunch at our friends house from Australia and it will be great to be able to play with some friends. Parents can be SO boring.
      The money over here is really different. There are $1 notes and the 5cents are bigger than the 10cents. The light switches go up for on and down for off which is really confusing. The bath shower taps are SO different. There is a knob on the bath tap which pulls up for the shower and down for the bath. WEIRD!
      From Bethany

  3. Hi Bethany,
    You’re on a great start to your blog, I love the post. Our class just sent you a comment, a day ago. We hope you love it.
    I miss you and Nathaniel alot, and so does all, your friends. I wish you could come back to Australia for a little holiday, even though you just got there!
    The plane trip would have been a little scary, were you thinking ‘What is going on?’. I would.. Let’s hope you make so much friends you don’t even remember everyone’s name! I know you will on the first day, defiantly.
    Is it snowing and if it is, have you been skiing, snow boarding or tobogganing?
    Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
    From your friend( Who is missing you),
    Josie. 😀

  4. Hi Bethany,

    Elora and Mia have gone this morning to their other Mama and Gramps for their second Christmas. We had a lovely time with them. How was your Christmas? I have never had a Christmas with snow before. I would LOVE to have one so matybe next year I could come over, but Grandpa may not be abloe to travel by then because of his operations earlier this year. We will see …

    You would have loved watching Elora and Mia opening their books from you guys. They were very excited, even though they can’t read them yet. You did a great job colouring the cards because the one they got from you is beautifully done.

    I sent your birthday present before Christmas and it should be there in time for your birthday. I hope so. I am not sure how long the mail takes to get from Australia to America – about 10 days I think, but you will be able to tell me when you get it.

    Well, I am off to eat some more chocolate and yummy things left over from our Christmas meals. Enjoy moving into your new house – and keep fit running up and down those stairs.

    Loads of love.

    Nanna Anne

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